The Threshold and the Battle For The Inner Earth

By Ignacio Ondargain

1- The practice

2- Sebottendorff and SS Gnosis

3- The magic castle of Wewelsburg

4- The “Spiritual Exercises” of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

5- The journey and the magical war of the initiate






1- The practice


Only the realization of the practice in diamond hardening and absolute impassibility, reveals the value of inner silence. The silence of the mind introduces us to a state of powerful calm, freeing us from the effect of the physical senses and their emotional charge.


Initiatory practices are doors to other worlds beyond. The demon of the dialectic dead and freed from outside noise, the initiate can access those other worlds, the Middle or astral Earth. The old initiatory schools secretly and under oath guarded the key of the other world preventing it from falling into unworthy hands and safeguarded from the commons of mortals.


From those old gnostic and initiatory schools, some texts saved from the miracle of the destruction of Jehovitic religions or cults have reached us. However, these written texts referred to philosophical or religious questions that move in the superficiality of knowledge; never to true knowledge or gnosis, which was guarded in absolute secrecy and made known only from teacher to disciple and without written records.


But in these times of apocalypse in which chaos and corruption has penetrated everywhere and there are no real initiatory schools, the doors to Middle-earth and beyond have been disclosed to the four winds so that the true children of the Light can access them directly. It is a hard road, difficult and not without danger that one has to discover and travel. It is in the practice of “spiritual exercises” where the disciple travels the true initiatory path.


In the vigorous calm and concentration of the Force, the hero overcomes the world. In ecstasy it becomes Dionysus; vital exaltation and affirmation of the Principle of Life. The hero learns to dominate the Force and concentrate it, preventing it from spreading and getting lost in the world. In this way you can live in the world while maintaining integrity and free from death.


Focused on himself, the initiate works and has experiences in the astral. Just as we perceive the material experience through the reflection of the mind, the astral experience is a direct experience that is perceived directly and without the intermediation of the ordinary senses. This experience is as intense as feeling without skin or the cold of steel inside an open wound.


Finally, “you have come to know the Word. Only who is worthy is able to pronounce it. This is how the initiate can discover and open the doors of infinity. Go and summon the eagles to the assembly. We return home . ”

2- Sebottendorff and SS gnosis


Rudolf von Sebottendorff , known adventurer and passionate seeker of mystical knowledge, was born on November 9, 1875 in Hoyerswerda. After working at a power plant in and around Görlitz, in 1898 he embarked to search for gold in Australia. He then traveled to Turkey, staying in the Bursa region around 1900. In 1911 he acquired Turkish nationality, being adopted by Baron von Sebottendorff. During a stay in Cairo, he comes into contact with teachers and initiates of secret guild guards of the oldest Pharaonic wisdom, accessing the original hidden gnosis.


After being seriously injured in the Balkan war, Sebottendorff returned to Breslau, in 1913. He has a decisive role in the formation of the Order of Thule, matrix of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). He remained in Munich in 1918 where Franz Eher Verlag publishing house and the Münchener Beobachter newspaper participated in the purchase, which since August 9, 1919 was renamed Völkischer Beobachter (Nazi Party Journal).


With all the material and esoteric knowledge acquired during his adventures and his intense years of spiritual search, Sebottendorff develops an initiatory path consisting of several levels:


1- The disciple begins the “journey into the interior of the earth” , or within his mind and himself. It begins in the practice of immobility and silence.

2 – In the silence and loneliness of himself, he perceives the unstable nature of his physical body and the thoughts that circulate through his mental screen. At this moment the need for contact with the true world awakens within himself. This contact will only be achieved if he is able to access even his deepest self: “know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods . ”

3- To be able to access even his deepest self, the disciple needs to take charge of himself. Breathing control exercises begin combined with physical strengthening and hand and body positioning techniques.

4- Once a certain degree of self-control has been reached, the Force that originates at the base of the spine, before chaotic, begins to ascend through the spine of the initiate, verticalizing it. The disciple begins to perceive a sense of Power. The syllabic yoga begins to work, in which after having adopted certain special physical postures and performing a controlled breath, certain mystical syllables (mantras) are recited. These techniques help purify the vibrational state of both the disciple and his environment.

5- The next step leads the disciple to higher levels of meditation, through the interior visualization of colors. The system is inspired by the spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola , which is also one of the spiritual sources in which the SS will be inspired to design the system of meditations at Wewelsburg Castle.

6- The practice aims to accumulate the greatest possible Cosmic Force and direct it to specific points to capture subtle flavors and odors, until accessing the perception of the “black shadow” . This achievement marks the beginning of a new spiritual life and is ritualized giving the disciple an initiatory degree.

7- Finally, the initiate, owner of himself, opens himself to the essential knowledge of the Hereafter and acquires dominion over natural forces and destiny.


All these techniques are aimed at perfecting the individual to achieve his conversion into a complete spiritual being.


3- The magic castle of Wewelsburg


Westphalia, in the heart of Germany, is a land of gentle hills largely covered by forests. The meadows of the region are green and its valleys are crossed by streams that sing songs already forgotten by the memory of men. In the bowels of its forests, among the branches and trunks of beautiful centenary oaks, you can still feel the echo of ancient battles in which hard and proud peoples wielded and powerfully raised their steels in defense of their independence, their children and their race .


In this land where the oak grows vigorously, the hills are interrupted in its soft melody by a group of stone formations that suddenly rise bluntly, like a castle that has emerged from the depths of the earth. They are the stone formations of the Externsteine. Their formation precedes today’s humanity and the men of this time found them there, but they were never created by human race, but by titans. Man has left his sign there, his sign, printed on various works, but the origin of the formation is a mystery …


A little further on, we find Wewelsburg Castle, a triangular fortress whose main tower points unequivocally to the north. It is the Temple of Initiation SS . Already approaching, from the distance its triangular structure can be seen. In the 17th century Theodor von Fuerstenberg rebuilt the castle. Don Miguel Serrano (“Adolf Hitler, the last Avatara”) explains that in the “Saxon Annalist”, chronicle of the twelfth century, it is said that Graf Friedrich von Arnsberg laid the first stone of Wewelsburg Castle in 1123, on the ruins of an old Saxon fortress of the year 930, built by King Heindrich I.


In the underground of the north tower of Wewelsburg , under the main hall of the castle, is a vault where SS rituals were celebrated. In the center of the crypt, on the ground, a circle appears where the ceremonies were celebrated. Twelve small stone pillars, like rhombuses, follow the circle of the wall. Behind them there must have been unknown emblems and symbols. On the roof of the vault appears the Levógira Swastika, carved in the stone, combining with the Sieg rune, the SS emblem. In the center of the floor of the underground vault there is a circular hollowed space where the fire was lit, or where the Supreme Initiate-Warrior of the Black Order recited the runic mantras.


Around Wewelsburg , the construction of an entire Sacred City was planned with buildings channeling its energy to the north. We have always had the doubt, the “mystery” about the kind of rituals that the SS elite celebrated in that especially sacred place. The North Tower of Wewelsburg is a place carefully built on ancient knowledge for connection with energy, the pure spiritual Force that emanates from the nonexistent center of Hyperborea.


Connoisseur of the springs that create the destination, the SS elite made this place their omphalos or magical center from which to project their powerful extraterrestrial energy. In this way, the magical destiny of the Third Reich had to be fixed and projected on the world from the concretion of the north tower of Wewelsburg Castle … and thus it was worked by the unknown elite of the SS.

4- The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola


We can get even slightly closer to the magical construction work of the elite SS through the references to which the various researchers of such great mystery direct us. Following this thread of Ariadne, we find in the work devised by the founder of the Order of the Jesuits, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the same principle or substrate on which the SS will come to base its magical projection work.


The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius are a survey, perhaps unconscious, of ancient initiatory practices developed by various hermetic orders. We might think that St. Ignatius was inspired by ancient treaties or works, although it could also be that his keen intuition came to discover unconscious springs that are deep in the human mind.


In the deepest part of the human mind, beyond the labyrinth framework of daily reality, there is a substrate on which the projected reality on the space-time world is based.


The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius affect this pre-temporal substrate that conditions the mind of the world and the reality of spacetime. So great mystery in his day gave problems to the Vatican to the same founder of the Order of the Jesuits because the mystery and the power that his Exercises aroused, endangered the “Destiny” preset by Jehovah and his agents. There is nothing in this world that Jehovah and his “Evolution Plan” or “Destiny” fear more than the man who owns his own destiny.


If we follow the line drawn by the Exercises of St. Ignatius, we see the immense, perhaps infinite power of the projection of human will on the pre-temporal or astral substrate, its power to create Destiny and to modify Jehovah’s “Creation.”


Saint Ignatius, a man of his time, limited his work to the Catholic creed. Otherwise, his work and himself would have been thrown into the flames. But the bottom of his work hides a subversive message, that is, that man can be the creator and artist of his own mind and not a mere servant and worshiper of Jehovah.


The practice of St. Ignatius through his Spiritual Exercises can create magicians, men and women capable of modeling, shaping his own mind, reality, the world and projecting destiny.


To do this, St. Ignatius gives some guidelines for preparation, purification, concentration prior to the visualization of the interior scenes. Once this process has been carried out, the visualization work begins. We see thus how it indicates that: “The first preamble is composition seeing the place. Here it is to be noted that in contemplation or visible meditation, as well as contemplating Christ our Lord, which is visible, the composition will be to see with the view of the imagination the corporeal place where the thing I want to contemplate is. I say the corporeal place as well as a temple or hill where Christ or Our Lady is, according to what I want to contemplate … ”. (…) “The second is to demand from God our Lord what I want and desire. Demand must be subject matter; that is, if contemplation is of resurrection, demand joy with Christ joyful; if of passion, demand sorrow, tears and torment with tormented Christ … “(…)” Note. Before all contemplations or meditations, the preparatory prayer should always be done, without moving, and the two preambles already said, sometimes moving, depending on the subject matter ” .


Limiting it to the Catholic creed, St. Ignatius calls the neophyte to “demand what you want,” in order to weigh the sins and compare what men are in front of all the angels and saints of Paradise.


Saint Ignatius insists on “seeing with the sight of the imagination” the length, width and depth of the different visualized spaces. Hear the sounds, smell the smell, taste the taste, touch the touch … (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch). “Make a discussion with Christ our Lord …” .


He also gives several instructions on how to proceed before bed, “after lying down, I already want to sleep, for the space of a Hail Mary think at the time I have to get up and what, summarizing the exercise I have to do . ”


The Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola are based on a life of asceticism and purification and the visualization of images created in the mind of the practitioner. In their highest degrees, the initiates will be able to transmute not only themselves but also transmute the reality that surrounds them.


We know that this same principle was worked on in the greatest secret by the Unknown Directors of the SS, the initiates of the Black Sun at Wewelsburg Castle. Long before Saint Ignatius developed his “Spiritual Exercises,” the mysteries of pagan antiquity met and worked the magical world of the astral. The SS and mystical or initiatory Nazism came to rescue this mystery for the construction of the Magic Reich.


5- The journey and the magical war of the initiate


The echoes of the moors of madness still resonate, but nothing will ever be as it was before everything began.


In ancient days the world participated in the Force of Life and death was unknown. The world was beautiful, beings knew health and lived in harmony. The knowledge of true Love safeguarded the integrity of life and the creative forces developed all their power in a world in which death did not mark time.


But Death and its agents upon seeing that Golden Age eagerly sought to penetrate that world to impose its law and its time. It was the greatest cunning of Death that the integrity of only one of the gods that led to the world ending up defeated by Death.


Having achieved Death at last developing its fruit on the earth, its rotten mantle spread everywhere. The world was shaken by terrible apocalyptic battles in which the children of the light fought with all their power to safeguard life from the forces of chaos, crime and death. The history of those early days is written in a book guarded by radiant beings in an inaccessible place hidden in the mountains of fog.


But the world fell hopelessly under chaos and death took over everything, stealing strength, vigor, freshness and life. Life over the world was divided into pairs of opposites through which chaos entered, destructuring life.


The Dark Lord penetrated the whole world with his breath and every creature on earth was definitely possessed by “Him.” Known and worshiped by various religions such as Yahweh or Jehovah, this “God” feeds on crime and corruption and needs blood shed in sacrifices and ritual crimes and burnt offerings by fire.


Criminal from the beginning and Father of lies, Jehovah is the “God” of the world and the Master of the Cave in which the souls of men are chained. The guardians of this cavern are the dark forces and satanic cults that dominate the world through crime, usury, speculation and money value. After all this we find the “elect” of Jehovah, guardians of the Covenant of black magic through which they are his most faithful servants and sacrificers. They are the ones who put into practice the Messianic Plan for the total domination of the world by Jehovah. Because while Jehovah has extended his breath throughout the world, he has not yet managed to dominate all wills or deceive all consciences.


There are basically two types of religiosity about the world:

on the one hand we have the satanic cults of Voodoo or Jehovah who seek the favor of demons and the entities of the astral bass through ritual crimes,

on the other hand we find the hyperborean religiosity that is based on the affirmation of oneself in the extraterrestrial or extraterrestrial principle. This allows us to find the Grail stone in which we find the liberation and exit of the cave of Jehovah.


After the victory of death on earth, the hyperborean gods began to inhabit beautiful underground castles guarded by warriors from beyond, in the Dream World.


Man has “astral senses”, only that they are numb. The astral senses are hidden behind the physical senses and only at night, when the physical senses cease to function and we immerse ourselves in the Dream World, the astral senses take over from others.


When the physical sense covers the astral during the day, it does not stop working or moving, so it generates a whole series of movements and sensations that are transferred and reflected on the screen of the mind.


Just as the physical world establishes its needs and priorities, its world in short, the astral also moves its world and never ceases to be, live and move, act.


The astral is before the physical and the life of the physical depends on the astral. Before the astral is the most essential I and the pure Will. Some call it spirit. A powerful being is characterized by its consistency and centrality. Is this a man or a woman of action while not being dragged or carried away by the vertigo of immediacy and events. This is the sign or the Sign of a “superior” being, his Will, the power of his Will as a transcendent magical spiritual element that leads the person to have a “magical or supernatural Force”, or dispose of it, thanks to his link, connection, contact or link with the Hereafter.


As we can see, the Hereafter or Origin is not the astral, since the same astral depends on the Hereafter. When we can finally begin to have conscious experiences in the astral and not mere chaotic night dreams, we perceive the physical body as a shell, a shell of heavy mud.


As we say, the astral is like the physical body but it is not physical or material. In the astral, the sound or the same voice does not work by vibration of vocal cords or musical devices but the experience is direct and without any intermediation of any physical support. The material physical senses are material manifestation of various or corresponding spiritual capacities or qualities.


Thus, the ear refers to attention, the smell of discernment, the view of consciousness … All this, moved or somatized in the physical body reflects the spirit of the person.


While the physical world is the result of different forces in conflict, the real war or the real combat takes place in the astral.


To access the astral we must stop the physique as if it were a statue. Then, in ecstatic state, the astral is released like a butterfly that emerges from its chrysalis. There are many techniques that help along the way but they only work if we have achieved “absolute impassibility” and verticalization of the Force and energy through the spine.


Now a new or unknown universe opens before us for our conscious except for various experiences or experiences in dreams that we remember when we wake up and with difficulty.


The conscious visualizations serve to exercise and stretch the astral senses but with time the visualizations will no longer be imagined but will be more real experiences of the astral. You will learn to move around the astral, find places, objects, face or avoid the enemy …


There, in the astral act various forces exactly the same as on earth. There are beneficial powers that seek to help you and guide you along the path of Life, Health and Strength, as well as there are evil powers that crave and need the astral bass, vice, disease and crime.


In the astral move as many or more beings and realities than the material world. There are places linked to the earth through its physical geography. Agartha, the city of hyperborean white gods, is linked by the astral with various geographical places on earth, such as the Montserrat mountain, near Barcelona.


But likewise, the dark powers that dominate the government of the world through black magic are handled in the astral.


Be careful and pay attention because Satanism is widespread on earth and every day that passes has more and more force on the world, although it is not made known or made public.


The Beast needs blood to be offered as a sacrifice on his altar. His great eye at the top of the Pyramid of the Dollar sees everything about the world through the astral and has a structure and an army of demons and servile creatures at his command to seize the total power of the world and enslave and chain it to its “global network” through its hypnotic power and finally thanks to cybernetics. Through the global computer network, Jehovah wants to have all “humanity” under his direct control via chips. Thus, no one can escape his cavern prison or his designs.


As we know, it is through World High Finance and the power of money that the Beast of the Apocalypse is done with the total power of the world. It is an abominable Beast that lives on ritual crime, lies, fornication and corruption. Elevated to the summit of world power, their “elect” are already ripe messianic time. Certainly, these are times of Revelation, times in which events are going to be triggered rapidly one after the other so that what must necessarily happen as a result of the state of things we have come to culminate. And we will see the result of all this because, as we say from the astral, various forces of spirit enter into conflict and the hyperborean warriors will return to earth to liberate the world and end the planetary tyranny. These liberating white gods act from the underground kingdom of Agartha.


And Jehovah knows and fears us. He knows that he cannot dominate us and that we will fight against him again to destroy his death prison and free the world from its chains and its black magic.


The hyperborean gods act from the astral and help us and guide us, showing us the path of liberation. Our liberation means that Jehovah ceases to have power over us. Thus we access the astral in consciousness and know different realities. At first this is done with difficulty but little by little the experience of the astral becomes more and more lucid.


The Final War will begin in the astral and then move to the world. The Venusian Legend awaits the Chosen One who, entering and advancing through the magical realities of the astral, will reach the black heart of the Beast on the “Mount of Destiny” where he will destroy it forever.